Dia 03 de Agosto de 2013, o Ciclo de Conferências “Entre Hefesto e Prometeus” irá receber os Professores Gheorghiu Dragoş da Universidade das Artes em Bucareste e Livia Ştefan do Instituto de Computação em Bucareste. A conferência irá decorrer pelas 21 horas, na sala de reuniões do Museu de Arte Pré-Histórica de Mação.

Título: “The Maps of Time. Real Communities-Virtual Worlds-Experimented Pasts. A proposal for a network between Mação and Vădastra for promoting their material and immaterial heritage.”


Time Maps is an educational model designed to make visible world wide the technological traditions of different communities, by identifying, reproducing, and storing the technological information specific to the history of these communities.
This model, created initially for the rural community Vădastra (south of Romania), is presented to the Mação community as an invitation to collaborate and to apply it, in order to revitalize some of the local traditional or ancient technologies, thus preserving, promoting, and continuing the material and immaterial heritage in the 21st century.
A series of study cases will present workshops and e-learning lessons and will show to the public how Time Maps was implemented in the Vădastra community.
The second part of the conference is dedicated to mobile learning, an educational approach using mobile technology and applications, and also the Augmented Reality, an advanced IT technology which allows a combination of existing and virtual information in an enhanced 3D view. A mobile application used with success with children from Vădastra primary school will be presented. Also a proposal for a similar application using 3D reconstructions of a Bronze Age castrum on Castelo Velho da Zimbreira will be presented.
For details about the Time Maps project, please see www.timemaps.net


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